Benny Rebel

Benny Rebel is one of the most successful wildlife photographers of our time!
His works have won numerous international awards and the press has portrayed the renowned artist very often. He is author of books, films and other media.

In 1968 Benny Rebel was born in Iran.
He has been living  in Germany since 1987. After his Abitur (school-leaving exam) and his apprenticeship as  a fine mechanic, he  worked in different fields until the passionate environmentalist discovered his photography and  film production as an advertising medium for environmental protection projects.
Until now he has organized and carried out numerous film,- photo,- environmental protection, and adventure expeditions  to the following countries:

South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia,  Kenya, Uganda,  Swaziland, Sri Lanka,  Iran, India, USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Cuba, Galapagos archipelago, Dominican Republic, Turkey and some EU States.


2002 :   Benny Rebel was selected as “Photographer of the Year” by the readers of the magazine  “Foto Magazin”

2002 :   He became  the “Best Photographer of Nature” at the world´s biggest photo competition, the “ Austrian Super Circuit”

2003 :   For the second time, Benny Rebel becomes the “World´s Best Photographer in Nature” at the “Austrian Super Circuit”

2003-2005 : Numerous further awards, medals and certificates from different international competitions followed

2004 :  Benny Rebel produces various multimedia shows

2005 :  the German TV chain “NDR” produces a 60-minutes documentary film about Benny Rebel and his work as a wildlife photographer and environmental protectionist in South Africa

2006 : Benny Rebel´s first book “Ungezähmt” ( Untamed ) was published at the Herbig publishing house. The first edition  sold out very quickly

Since 2006: Numerous appearances on  the following TV shows  followed:

2007 :  Benny Rebel´s second book „ Die Tiere Afrikas in 3D“ ( Wildlife of Africa in 3D ) was published at the Terra- Magica-   publishing house. This is the first book worldwide that shows Africa´s animals in a three-dimensional form

2007 :  Benny Rebel shoots a documentary film about the extinction of the Bengal tigers in India

2007 :  Another film shoot of  Iran follows.  Benny Rebel is the first German wildlife film-maker who  documents the unknown nature of Iran

2008 : On the “World Environmental Day” ( 05.06.2008 ) Benny Rebel published his art project “ The Animal and Us”.  Calendars, posters and postcards were made of the motifs. They were promoted successfully

2008 :  The recordings for set and advertisement of  the movie “Chandani” are realized in Sri Lanka by Benny Rebel

2009 : In June, Benny Rebel published his new art products. Different calendars, diaries, desk pads, folders and some further office supplies for the German-speaking area and  various postcards for the African market

2010 :  Benny Rebel´s third book „Mein Abenteuer Wildnis“ ( My adventure wilderness ) was published at the Terra- Magica-   publishing house

2010 :  Benny Rebel´s live-multimedia-show „Mein Abenteuer Wildnis“ ( My adventure wilderness ) was produced and published

2010:  in December, Benny Rebel published his fourth book with the title "Image-Design". In this e-book, Rebel collected all the basic rules of color and image design. He explains these rules clearly and makes it easily understandable with example photos.

2011 :  the German TV chains “ZDF / ARTE” produce two 45-minutes documentary films with Benny Rebel in Iran. This was a coproduction with following TV channels: WDR, BR, ORF and ARD.

2013: The photographic safaris offered in Africa was expanded.

2015: Benny Rebel released his fifth book titled "SAFARI". It is the most luxurious fine-art book of the world. The coffee-table book is produced in a limited edition and is made of the finest materials and comes with numerous accessories.

2016: The photographic safaris offered in Africa was expanded again.

Since 2002 hundreds of journals, magazines, newspapers, radio and television stations have reported about Benny Rebel. Including numerous prestigious international magazines!
More than 100 million viewers or listeners
have seen or heard reports about Benny Rebel!

TV shows

Cin folgenden Sendungen:

NDR - Talk Show

ARD - Titel, Thesen, Temperamente

SAT 1 - Frühstücksfernsehen

ZDF - Mittagsmagazin (2x)

NDR - Das! – Rote Sofa – (3x)

ARTE - Metropolis

NDR - Menschen und Schlagzeilen

ZDF - Morgenmagazin

BR - Capriccio

ZDF - Drehscheibe


NDR - Das Tiermagazin

SAT 1 - 17:30 Live (6x)

MDR - Hier ab vier (2x)

WDR - daheim und unterwegs

NDR - DAS ! ab 4

ZDF - Volle Kanne

NDR - Hallo Niedersachsen

RTL - Guten Abend RTL (4x)

SWR - Leute (2x)

BR-alpha - alpha forum

NDR - Umweltlotterie

IR 2 - Zweiter iranischer Fernsehkanal

Aftab - Iranisches Fernsehen (3x)

Voices of the press

“ What  is the highest reward for a photographer? For me the answer is,- when he creates deep emotions with his pictures in  the observer. Astonishment,  joy, respect for nature, but also horror about  the destruction of nature. Benny manages to do this  with each single photo.”
Professor Heinz Sielmann, 2005

“He takes good pictures. Spectacular pictures. Meanwhile they have won international awards.”
ARD TV, Titel, Thesen, Temperamente, 9 July 2006

“Rebel does not portray  the animals, he meets them (…) Rebel´s motivation is the protection of the animals. His photos are overwhelming documents of the animals that are threatened by extinction.”
Bavarian TV, Capriccio, 7 September 2006

“The wildlife photographer Benny Rebel is being regarded as the best of his guild.(…) For his pictures he risks a lot- and delivers spectacular pictures.”
NEWS, (Austria),17 August 2006

“He was born in Iran, lives in Hannover and he is an excellent animal photographer. Benny Rebel likes to travel and travels very often- and he always comes back with spectacular and fascinating pictures.”
SWR Television, 17 July 2006

“The photographer Benny Rebel ventures to approach wild animals up to a few centimeters and so he takes breathtaking pictures. That´s his way  “capturing ” them in order to show their beauty and how vulnerable they are.”
National Geographic (World), July 2007

“It is the direct way, which is the special quality of Benny Rebel´s animal pictures.(…) His just dessert for his courage are the spectacular pictures that show the savagery and danger during their creation.
3 SAT TV, Kulturzeit, 10 July 2006

“Benny Rebel prefers to take pictures of wild animals from very close up. In this way unique portrays come into being. Photos for all of them - Benny Rebel risks his life.”
Playboy, 1 May 2006

“Benny Rebel can be regarded as belonging to the young wild ones of the European wildlife photography.”
Photographie, April 2003

“It is not  only the simple “klick”, that this man wants. The passionate environmental and nature protectionist takes his pictures with lots of calculation and comprehension for the fauna.”
TierBild, 11/2004

“No other person dares to get so close to wild animals as the photographer Benny Rebel. The result: dramatically nice pictures.”
Bild am Sonntag, 16 June 2006

“Rebel´s book of pictures becomes kind of a funny homage to the movements of animals in their environments. A homage that also tells things one does not see.”
Welt am Sonntag, 13 August 2006

“Eye to eye with lions, elephants and buffalos: With his book of pictures “Ungezähmt” star- photographer Benny Rebel sets new standards  in the wildlife photography  and realizes with this work the dream of his childhood.”
Heute (Austria) 22 August 2006

“Benny Rebel´s passion to have  real contact with the animals distinguishes him from classic animal photographers.(…) Rebel stages wildlife photography in a new and very intensive way. His inexhaustible curiosity is being combined with his great commitment to the surviving and the protection of wild animals.”
Chip, Foto, Video, Digital, December 2006

“Africa´s world of animals stands for wilderness, liberty and exotic like nothing else. The photographer and protector of species, Benny Rebel has taken impressing portraits of these animals with his camera.”
natur + kosmos, August 2006

“These pictures stand out due to the respect for the animals as well as the  breath-taking and partially unusual perspectives.”
Der Standard (Austria), 11.11.2006

“Benny Rebel´s pictures are spectacular.(…) With his unique, award-winning pictures he wants to draw the people´s attention worldwide to the conservation issue. (…) Nobody can evade his pictures.”
Frau von Heute, 29 September 2006

“He is not afraid of wild animals –but he has big respect for  them: The photographer Benny Rebel gets as close to wild animals as only a few others.The reward for his risk: international acceptance and unique pictures.”
Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, 10 January 2006

“The environmentalist and photographer Benny Rebel manages it to take spectacular pictures of wild animals from a very close distance.(…) Rebel´s book of pictures “Ungezähmt-Tiere der Wildnis” (Untamed- Animals from the wilderness) contains a lot of fascinating pictures of wild animals.”
Life, March 2006

“ The artist Benny Rebel managed it to take impressing and captivating pictures of animals ,which most of us only know from the zoo, in their natural environment.”
Wochenspiegel No 42, 18 October 2000

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